Same time, last week.

(3th picture credit to Belle Fleur de Lis)

More pictures from last week, a visit to the botanical garden of my city.

I want to thank all of you who will participate with The Plant Swap and the many that wanted to. I think this will be a very fun side project to do and will keep you updated about it's progress!

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The plant swap.

Who's up for a swap?

You'll send me some plant seeds to sow or maybe a cutting. I send you other seeds, maybe one of my illustrations, etc. It will be a surprise and it will be fun!

5 persons can join, there is only one catch, I only select different country's, so be quick is the message. Leave a comment in the comment section with a valid email so I can contact you and we can swap addresses. First 5 comments will join!

Swap is closed!

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A visit from Lotte from Belle Fleur de Lis yesterday. We went see the botanical garden, enjoyed the sun and had some tasty drinks. Ginger beer is a new favorite.

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More green for our home...

Lot's of plants from the gardencenter - Zygocactus truncatus cuttings from my grandmother - the giant cactus and bonzai tree we found at an auction - my ♥ build the perfect shelves - concrete hand is made by using this tutorial.

I still have the urge to buy more, untill the place looks like this beauty.

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