DIY Christmas garland

Lots of wintery projects have been going on in our house so far, so I'm very excited to share with you my first ever DIY. This idea popped in my head a couple of days ago when I was thinking about how to decorate our home for Christmas. It's also the first time I really have the chance to decorate. Last year we where still heavy renovating and lived downstairs, before we lived in a tiny rented studio so there was no point in real decorations, a tree,...

I really love seeing those paper stars and cut-out decorations that you see everywhere but think it's a shame cutting into paper that probably won't be used the next year. So I used unbleached cotton. No waste and you can use it for whatever you like!

materials: unbleached cotton, a very sharp pair of fabric siccors, cotton rope, darning needle, sewing machine, iron and a little bit of imagination

Start with cutting squares of fabric in a size of your choice (mine are approx 10x15cm). Don't forget you have to include a seam on one side. Fold them like you would with paper, this can be like a square, triangle or rectangle. Each shape wil give you an other kind of pattern.
Now the fun part, start cutting! When you have enough, sew a seam on top of the piece of fabric, iron everything and with a darning needle pull a rope from one flag to the other. All done!

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Oh chrismas tree

Like all of you out there I'm very excited for this holiday season. Not only because it gives me the excuse to curl up on the couche to knit a lot but also because it's the first time I have a reason to really decorate our home.

*No real fir tree since the cat would have a blast, we don't have a yard to re-plant it and no vacuuming afterwords but we do have a real bastisRike-print to replace it. I'm so in love with this print and it blends perfectly in with all the greens.  (Thank you Rike!) *The eucalyptus wreaths I made some weeks ago. They are now completely dried and smelled amazing at the beginning. *I covered the table with doilys my grandmother made. *A garland I made to hang in front of the windows. I actually made a DIY (my very first one, hooray!) that will be posted tomorrow so you can make one too.

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In Autumn every leaf is a flower...

or a bear ;) These are some picture from a few weeks ago, when the city was covered under an orange blanket.

Have a nice weekend and stay warm. It is getting cold outside.

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Some leftover from the Molie Makes Home shoot. I thought it might be fun to share these since I don't talk a lot about our renovations. We are still working and still have plenty to do. For me it's a never-ending process of moving things around the house and each week everything looks different.  Altough everything looks quite fine on these photo's you can't believe how many things still needs to be done. Soon I will share some new pictures of the things we are working on.

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